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Little Star of Ours is a family operated childcare business.  We provide your child with high-quality care in a safe environment.  Our focus is to stimulate each child with developmentally appropriate activities that nurture self-esteem, independence and curiosity.  



Little Star of Ours is a safe, loving, nurturing environment where each child becomes part of a larger family.  Our bilingual educators create a diverse learning environment where your child will feel at home, respected and valued as an individual.  Our goal is for our families to have peace of mind while their child is in our care each day.


Children learn best through social interaction and play.  Your child is always learning and is unsurprisingly curious about the world around them.  Children make connections to the world drawing from their own experiences and backgrounds; as children play they are learning and building their cognitive and linguistic skills which they will need to explore the world.


We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum to foster social-emotional, physical, and intellectual growth in an inclusive daycare environment.  The Little Star of Ours’ curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each individual child and the whole group. Through a broad range of hands-on learning activities, we provide each child the opportunity to succeed and create each experience to meet the changing needs of your child.  The curriculum is structured to help your child develop self-help skills, problem-solving and decision-making competencies, leadership skills and understanding of proper nutrition, hygiene, and safety. Additionally, these activities emphasize language development, motor development, independence, and academic skills that they will need in kindergarten.

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